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We’re growing! Every year hundreds of families are discovering the wholesome, country lifestyle; the excellent school system, and the warm, friendly community of Celina. Many retail and commercial businesses are considering Celina for their next location and development is moving fast. With a trade population of approximately 69,000 and an ideal location just north of Frisco, Texas, in the coveted Golden Corridor™, Celina is Open for Business!

Contact us about your next move, new business opening or relocation; odds are we have the solutions you need.

Small Business

If you are looking for a great place to start or relocate your business, Celina is perfect for you. We are growing, and your business can, too!

Quality of Life

Celina is a wonderful small town that is beginning to experience the growth and change that comes from being a farming community evolving into a larger, urban community all while trying to maintain that small town feel.

Available Sites

Celina is an area of immense opportunity. We’re a small city with a big vision. Find the perfect place for your business, and grow with us.

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