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Celina, Texas is located just 42.5 miles directly north of Dallas, Texas on Highway 289, known as the Preston Road Golden Corridor; and 37.5 miles northeast of the DFW airport. Easy regional and private jet access is also available at the Collin County Regional Airport, 22.3 miles southeast of the city.

With major highways running north-south within 30 miles on both sides and an east-west highway running 7 miles south of the city, Celina is uniquely positioned to serve as the regional center of the North Dallas growth corridor. A forecasted population of over 300,000 at build out would make Celina the second largest city in Collin County.

Within Celina’s city limits, expansions of highways and new highways are being planned. Celina’s current, major access road is SH 289/Preston Road. This is the primary north-south route from Dallas straight to Celina. Construction began in 2007 on another north-south highway running immediately west through Celina, the Dallas North Tollway Extension Phase 4, service roads are expected to be completed during the fall of this year. The third project that will open Celina to all corners of the DFW Metroplex is Collin County’s Outer Loop, with a connection between the DNT in Celina to SH 75, north of McKinney.

State Highway 289/Preston Road

2007 Traffic Study Results for SH 289 Between FM 455 and FM1461/ Frontier Parkway

Significant Increase in Traffic over past two years:

The average daily traffic counted between the two intersections:

  • At the intersection of SH 289 and FM 455  10,512 vehicles
  • At the intersection of SH 289 and FM 1461  12,406 vehicles
  • Average daily traffic going South on SH 289 from FM 455: 5,265 vehicles
  • Average daily traffic going South on SH 289 from FM 1461: 5,247 vehicles
  • Peak Southbound Hours:
    • SH 289/FM 455  6:00am 8:00 am  1,638 vehicles
    • SH 289/FM 1461  4:00pm  6:00pm 1,522 vehicles
  • Average daily traffic going North on SH 289 from 1461: 7,159 vehicles
  • Average daily traffic going North on SH289 from 455: 5,247 vehicles
  • Peak Northbound Hours:
    • SH 289/FM1461  3:00pm  6:00pm 2,442 vehicles
    • SH 289/FM455 3:00pm  6:00pm 1,930 vehicles

North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) estimates 16,000 cars on SH 289 between FM1461 and FM455 by 2020; we believe there will be 16,000 vehicles by 2010.

Preston Road is shovel-ready for retail and commercial development within the high traffic volume area. Plans already underway for medical office buildings, expansions and new shopping corners, adding to the existing Shops at Carter Ranch and Celina Town Center will increase the traffic quickly, changing from predominately local and commuter to an increasing percentage of destination traffic.

Plans to widen SH 289 are in the works with anticipated construction three-four years away. The plan is for four-lanes from FM1461 to Grayson County; six lanes from US 380 to FM 1461.

Dallas North Tollway Extension

Phase 4 of the Dallas North Tollway extension will run immediately south and west of Celina, with service roads built by fall, 2008. The North Dallas Outer Loop is slated to run immediately south of the historic town square, although start dates have not been determined. The anticipated growth in residential and commercial within Celina’s planning area of 99 square miles will be greatly served with easy access to major transportation routes connecting Celina with the entire DFW metroplex.

Outer Loop Project study area approximate drawing connects SH 75 with DNT extension

Phase 4 to be completed in the fall of 2008  from US 380 to FM 428

Additional information about the North Texas Tollway Phase 4 project or the Collin County Outer Loop Project at

Outer Loop
Tollway Expanison
DNT Phase 4

Other Transportation

Celina is also served by the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad which runs the north-south length of the city’s planning area. Ideal locations for industrial and commercial growth exist for new and expanding companies. Specifically along Business 289, there are ideal opportunities for business growth for light industry, distribution, warehousing and manufacturing.

Below is an overview of the future thoroughfares through Celina. The City of Celina is currently undergoing the process of updating their Comprehensive Plan with a goal of completing by January 2009. There will be changes to the thoroughfare plan and land use plan, however, the 2001 map below is still a good estimate of the future roads.

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