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Find the Best of All Worlds in Celina

Celina is a wonderful small town that is beginning to experience the growth and change that comes from being a farming community evolving into a larger, urban community all while trying to maintain that small town feel.

There are many opportunities for those wanting land to build or residential communities. There are many locations to choose from and future developments beginning to break ground. The schools are small, the neighbors neighborly and the Mayor still knows everybody. However,when you want to get away Frisco, McKinney and Denton are all within a 30 minute drive for shopping, theater and dining.

People are friendly and inviting, new comers feel welcome and long time residents are involved in the growth. The historic downtown hosts an authentic square that serves as the community center for events and activities. Whether its an Easter egg hunt, a Christmas tree lighting or the Fun Day festival in September, everyone is sure to see their neighbors there.

Another favorite gathering place is Old Celina Park, softball and baseball and soccer are full time entertainment in the spring, summer and fall for all ages. Tournaments every weekend attract people and children from all over Texas and Oklahoma.

Of course, what small town would be complete without Friday night football? Celina Bobcats celebrated their 8th State Championship for 3A districts in Texas in 2007.  This is the event in the fall and no one wants to miss the fun and excitement of watching the homecoming parade, the kick off parade or the celebration parade going through town.

There is something for everyone here. Its fun, friendly and ready to grow.

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